Rivers and Valleys is collaborative effort that took a few years. Saeed, Kevin, and I were all over the place, swapping samples and tracks but we made it happen and the magic too. I'm so grateful for all the time they spent and the patience they had with me as I figured out what the #$% I wanted to say with these songs. Much love to the crew.

vocals and arrangement by jarrod cann
beats and percussion by saeed piracha (writer/engineer of towl
processed ukulele by kevin poole (writer/engineer of umin

mastered by kedharnath sairam (founder: radar with a K productions)




Satanic Anthems of Mulatto Brown is the second full-length album of my earliest musical moniker, Sleeping Sea.

The Sleeping Sea, once a full ensemble of amazing friend-musicians, is now just me and a microphone. This album is a collection of songs that I neglected for years.

Now you can stream and download those songs for free


written, arranged, and mixed by jarrod cann

mastered by kedharnath sairam (founder: radar with a K productions)





Tearism is full-length album that I wrote and produced with one of my long-time musical collaborators and electronic-genius, sample-wizard, Robby Ritter (NightSwimRadio, DiamonnGurr).

When we started writing this album we had no idea what we wanted to make, but we knew it was time to collaborate on something. Robby had just closed-shop on his project Bear (The Ghost) and I had let the sleeping sea shut down as well.

Working between Cincinnati and Philadelphia we started what eventually became known as Slower, and eventually made this album which includes the percussion president of the USA and drum magician known as Ben Sloan (perc-park, lazyheart, why?) on six of the nine tracks(!), and of course was dipped in gold by mastering guru Kedharnath Sairam.

If you dig it, show us some love. share it.




CUNT STORM is a project started by filmmaker/activist/ professor Liz Cambron (Park, Alt Auto) with the beautiful genius of Aalap Bommaraju and Smashley Jordan around 2010 ish. I jumped in around 2013/2014 on drums and we recorded our first album. ya!

GO FUCK YR$LF! has to be the most fun I've had working on an album. It's like diplo and the slits put out an album inside a VitaMix. It's only seven short tracks and their all the best. ever. 

vocals - liz cambron

drum machine - aalap bommaraju

guitar - smashley jordan

 drums, mix, master by jarrod cann